2019 halloween poster mama yagas 100-40.

Check out our banner for our usual lineup, or bring your own idea.   
Book through the MindBody App below, choose the appointment option that matches your design!



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Here's how to know which Appointment Type to choose:

  • It's one of the price choices above on the banner?  Great!  Pick the matching option below.   

  • Quick Halloween Designs are pictures you show us or designs from our board that you modify, covering half the face or less.

  • Custom Halloween Design
    This is for special requests, not the usual festival fare we paint.
    Also choose if:

    • You are showing us a picture on your phone

    • You chose your design on Pinterest :)

    • You want handmade gems

    • your full face+ partial neck, arms, or hands are involved

If you aren't familiar with the MindBody Software, don't worry.  We use it for our Team Torque Classes, too, and it will walk you through registration and scheduling.  And, your time slot will be secure!