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Henna Supplies
Henna Tattoo in Progress

If you're here, it's because you've bought henna from Mama Yaga's!

We appreciate you and want you to love your henna.

So, keep reading for some aftercare advice!

Henna Balm


Your complimentary henna balm consists of:

  • Beeswax

  • cocoa butter

  • mango butter

  • neem oil

  • cajeput oil

  • lavender oil

  • sweet orange oil

  • almond oil
    *Unlike other lotions, it contains the same essential oils as are in your henna paste and will help you stain more darkly.
    **Not recommended for use as a lip balm--it tastes like soap!


  • Don't get it wet for 24 hours.

  • Don't Soak in a bathtub, hot tub, or swimming pool.  (it will slough off skin layers, and there goes your stain!)

  • Other things that fade your stain:
    Exfoliating (duh!)
    Alcohol-based skin products
    Time (unfortunately)


  • Don't be careless.   Henna will stain if it is reactivated with water.  So be kind, flake off henna into the trash or outside--not on Mom's white couch or in your friend's car. ;)


  • Cover with your special free Henna Balm or any kind of thick, water resistant lotion.  If I sent you home with "Henna Balm," use that!

  • Remember we can henna you all year round at festival prices!  We even do special appointments at a local salon, Cool J's.  Come see us!

How it works:

  • Leave the paste on as long as possible...you can "flake" it off but don't wash it off.

  • Keep it covered in water-resistant  lotion because that oil is still working!

  • Your new henna will naturally fade over time as your outer layers of skin are shed and replaced by new, unstained layers underneath.


Lasts 1-3 weeks+

rates begin @ $100/hr

Henna Tattoos

What do you get when you combine a serious love & respect for an ancient art form, a desire to be the best at your craft, and all natural ingredients chosen for their potency and stain release?  Us!

  • Our homemade henna paste is carefully and lovingly prepared fresh for each of our gigs. 

  • We happily research both the chemistry involved in the henna process and the history and cultures behind the art.

  • We never use “black henna” or other factory-made products. These contain questionable and often dangerous additives.  In particular,  Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) will never be found in our paste.

  • We mix our henna paste using 100% certified organic henna leaf powder (most often a Rajasthani) and high quality certified organic essential oils.
    Custom blends are available for those with sensitivities to essential oils because of pregnancy or chemotherapy.
    We are dedicated to safety and will always provide a complete list of ingredients on request.

Prepare the henna paste at home. Henna p

Your body, your activity level, and the area you choose for your design will all affect how dark your stain will be. (see Skin Map below)

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